Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi, Stitchers....It's raining! Too bad I'm not home and comfy and stitching. It's such a great day to read, stitch and nap. Oh well, good weather is coming for the rest of the week. Weather man stated that, as of today, Memorial Day weekend is looking real good. That Saturday is our Stash to Treasure Sale. Not on the porch this year, because, as you know, I no longer have a porch at the shop. This year it will be inside. Can you really believe that Memorial Day is 2 weeks away? Where has time gone? I can't believe how fast it passes.

Here's a preview of Ornament 7 from Little House Needleworks. Once again, look how fast time flies. We are up to number 7 out f 12 ornaments. Next month the next in her monthly series will come out for July and August. I've decided to do this monthly series on one piece of fabric. I've chosen 40 count natural to do it and I started it last night since I finished Lizzie Kate Christmas ABCs. All buttons have been attached but one and it has no holes. I've got to check to see if it comes with holes or you just sew over the candy cane to attach. I'm also working on the Piece/Peacemaker quilt and I've got to do blocks 4, 5 and 6 to keep up. Well it's time for lunch. My soup is hot and should really hit the spot on this damp day.

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