Thursday, January 23, 2014


Do you question the way you cross stitch?  I do.  Most of us our self taught and  it's natural to wonder if we are doing our stitching the 'right' way.  Well, let me tell you there is no 'right' way.  There are no cross stitch police, either!  There is only one 'rule' to follow and that is to cross your  x's in the same direction.    After that, there are 'tips' that will enable you to make your stitching easier and neater.  School Is In and on next Wednesday thru Saturday,  January 29 thru February 1, you can come to the shop and learn more tips  and improve your stitching techniques.  I don't consider myself a great stitcher.  I know many others who have better tension than I do, but I do know somethings that will make  your stitching to start and stop threads, how to thread a needle without wetting the floss, how to stitch on linen and more.

So stop by and  bring a work in progress and ask those questions you've always had and learn some tips to make stitching easier and just maybe learn a way to make those backs look neater.  After all,  the nicer the back, the nicer your piece will look when framed.

Then, on  Sunday, February 2,  from 11-2 we will have our SUPERBOWL EVENT!

The entire shop will be 20% off.  Make a minimum purchase of $20.00 and receive a coupon for 15% off your next purchase, valid for  March and April 2014.

Come check us out next week and learn some new tips and shop for a new project.   Experienced stitchers are welcomed and I hope you will  share your knowledge and teach me a new tip!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi, Stitchers!  It sure is snowy out there and very cold.  But, this fair weather girl made it in today.  Maybe an hour late but I'm here.  My 100 ft+ driveway got plowed out at 2am this morning.  But, I still  have to do behind the car, the walk and porch and clean the car off (by law).  This takes time and this morning was sooooo cold!  Got to the shop and the parking lot was cleared nicely, but the guy who plows the walks didn't show up until after lunch.  But it's all clear now.

Have you started your new project for 2014 yet?  You know me, I start one, put it aside and start another.  So, I've done it again and here's what I'm stitching.....The new Lizzie Kate flip-it series...4 SEASONS.  It's only a 4 part piece for the 4 seasons.  She offers a free border to stitch it all as one and that's what I'm doing.  She  calls for 28ct amber, which is on order.  Since I've 32 amber in stock, I cut a piece and started stitching over the weekend.  The first one is Spring and the colors are pinks, lilac, plum and greens.....really 'springy' so that it was making me feel good, even when the snow was falling, yesterday.  I'll bring it to work this week so I can scan it or take a pic and show you my progress.  Meanwhile, here's pics of the first 2 parts and the entire piece.  Check them out.  Stay warm and keep stitching!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 and the C O L D!!!!!

Hey, Everyone.  I'm still going.....maybe a little cold and slower but I'm still alive.  Happy New Year.  So glad to see 2013 leave us.  This year is going to be better for us all.

I was so glad to come in to the shop today.  I've been 'stuck' in the house because of the weather.  Stuck my nose out on Monday around noon to walk the trash to the curb before it got too cold. Really surprised that all the snow melted over night. Peeked out the window on Tuesday, but didn't venture out.  Too cold.  It's been that way for the last 2 weeks and I can't go anywhere on my days off.    Are you beginning to feel like 'cabin fever' is setting in?  I'm busy taking inventory at the shop and should be done by Friday.  Then I can start putting away Christmas, switch some racks around and get out Spring and Patriotic designs.  Bring out all the spring flowers and make it feel W A R M.  Going to check out what's new from the distributors since Christmas and get some new charts in and get some new fabric.  Planning on going to Nashville this year for the show, can't wait.  It's usually a little warmer there....but don't know about this year, since it seems everyone is C O L D!

Had to postpone our Spring Stitch last Friday, but it's rescheduled for this Friday night.  Should feel better after checking out what everyone is stitching.

Well, gotta get back to my counting.  Check back soon  and stop by and say HI!