Friday, May 28, 2010

It's almost the holiday! Yeah! But hey, wait a minute! I always have Monday's off, so really it's just another Monday to me. But, I tell myself I don't have 'to work at home', I can sit and read and stitch! Yeah!

Dimensions have put out a few new Gold Collection stocking kits and I've fallen in love with them and just HAD to get them into the shop. They are here and here's a few pics. Six new stockings came out, one is on backorder. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out so good. The left one is Christmas Sled Stocking Kit and the right is Holy Night Stocking Kit. The others available are Snowman and Friends and Santas Toys and Santa and Snowman. Naughty or Nice is the one on backorder. You can see better pictures on if you are interested.

Blackbird Designs has announced that the last Loose Feathers design - a bag to hold the goodies - is finished and should be in shops around mid June. Here's a picture.
Well I need to get back to rearranging the shop for tomorrow's Stash to Treasure event. See you there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi, Stitchers! Just wanted to let you know about a few new items in the shoppe. Zweigart's magazine, At Home With Needlework, is out with a new holiday issue - designs for holidays throughout the entire year. Blackbird Designs 2011 Engagement Calendar is here and the photos are awesome. Finally, Homespun Elegance's new Pin Pokes have arrived. The chart is here and pin pokes in a tan check and navy check. Just stitch them up and stuff with polyfill and crushed walnut shells and stitch shut and you have a completed pin poke.

Don't forget! SATURDAY MAY 29 IS A BIG DAY. ALL SHOP MERCHANDISE WILL BE DISOUNTED 20%. THE STASH TO TREASURE EVENT WILL BENEFIT ST. JUDE'S CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. Come and check out the donations we have received. We have lots of older charts, maybe you're even looking for one or more of them. We have fabric. We have kits, unopened, from Heart's Content and Shepherd's Bush. We have charts from Shepherd's Bush, Lavender and Lace, Ewe and Eye and many others. We have kits to create the porcelain dolls. We have lots of goodies!!!!

Stop on in and save on current charts and turn someone else's stash into your treasure and support St. Judes! We will be open Saturday 10-4. See ya!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi, Stitchers....It's raining! Too bad I'm not home and comfy and stitching. It's such a great day to read, stitch and nap. Oh well, good weather is coming for the rest of the week. Weather man stated that, as of today, Memorial Day weekend is looking real good. That Saturday is our Stash to Treasure Sale. Not on the porch this year, because, as you know, I no longer have a porch at the shop. This year it will be inside. Can you really believe that Memorial Day is 2 weeks away? Where has time gone? I can't believe how fast it passes.

Here's a preview of Ornament 7 from Little House Needleworks. Once again, look how fast time flies. We are up to number 7 out f 12 ornaments. Next month the next in her monthly series will come out for July and August. I've decided to do this monthly series on one piece of fabric. I've chosen 40 count natural to do it and I started it last night since I finished Lizzie Kate Christmas ABCs. All buttons have been attached but one and it has no holes. I've got to check to see if it comes with holes or you just sew over the candy cane to attach. I'm also working on the Piece/Peacemaker quilt and I've got to do blocks 4, 5 and 6 to keep up. Well it's time for lunch. My soup is hot and should really hit the spot on this damp day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here's a peek at the next Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart chart. It's due out shortly.
So, we hear tell, about the final Loose Feathers. Wonder which one will arrive first?

Lizzie Kate has given us a heads up on her auto shipping mid June. A new Boxer entitled All We Need is Love , a chart called Eek, Boo, Hiss and a snippet about Cleaning the House are due. A special kit in the ABC series entitled Halloween (you know me and Halloween so I might have to do this one) is coming out. Her flip-it series for the rest of the year is entitled Christmas Rules and can be done as individual pictures or all in an optional free border.

I'm currently stitching Lizzie's ABC Christmas, from last year. I liked it when it came out but when I saw it in February at market and it was enhanced with JABCO buttons, I said "I've got to do that!" I'm close to three quarters done. Hoping to have it done by Memorial Day and on display. It won't be framed but I'm hoping it will be completely stitched.

For those of you stitchers who like to stitch on 40 count fabric, Weeks Dye Works has just started doing 40 count, added to their 30 and 35 counts. Just out in 40 count are the following colors (which match their floss colors): Parchment, Confederate Gray, Havana, Mocha, Putty, Straw and Tin Roof. Coming soon will be Angel Hair, Beige and Linen. I just know I'm going to have to get some of these in.

Talk, soon!
Hi, Everyone. Finally a relatively nice day. It's been pretty chilly lately and I'm tired of it. I don't like really hot days, but I'd like my house to have a temperature in the high 60's and not the 59 degrees it had yesterday. Even my cats, with their fur coats, have been cold and very pesty about laying on you and getting warm.

Just wanted to remind you that I'm still accepting 'Stash' for our Stash to Treasure Sale on Saturday May 29. I've gotten in quite a bit and I think you'll be in for a surprise. A little peak will offer Shepherds Bush charts and kits, some with fabrics and fibers, ceramic doll kits, Heart's Content kits and other sampler charts, some all personally kitted with fibers and fabrics and I even have quite a selection of the Silver Needle Secret Needle Night kits from 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. I'll be able to tell you more, later, after we've restocked the donations into boxes for the big day. We have some fabrics too. One fabric cut is a piece of white damask that would make a great tablecloth.

I've got in some new charts from our local designer, Lila's Studio. I really like the floral one.

Fraktur Bird II and the Sister's Sampler are really nice, too. Come in and check them out.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hi Stitchers....If you just received an email from me, here's a picture of the Blessed are the Piece/Peace Makers Quilt being offered here at Just Cross Stitch. Eileen Gurak is the designer from Handblessings and this is her promo for this year. The patterns are free! The fabric used is 28 Jobelan Lambswool. To me the fabric has too much of a sheen and the color is a little flat, so I used a Lambswool linen fabric in 32 count (also available in 28; plus we have a 16 count aida in a nice Lambswool color). The border is a Threadworx multi-colored overdye and 5 Weeks Dye Works colors are used: Emerald, Tiger's Eye, Father's Day, Lancaster Red and Blue Spruce. We currently have the border and the first 6 blocks available. Call now, or email me, to sign up for this 2010 Promo.