Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here's a peek at the next Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart chart. It's due out shortly.
So, we hear tell, about the final Loose Feathers. Wonder which one will arrive first?

Lizzie Kate has given us a heads up on her auto shipping mid June. A new Boxer entitled All We Need is Love , a chart called Eek, Boo, Hiss and a snippet about Cleaning the House are due. A special kit in the ABC series entitled Halloween (you know me and Halloween so I might have to do this one) is coming out. Her flip-it series for the rest of the year is entitled Christmas Rules and can be done as individual pictures or all in an optional free border.

I'm currently stitching Lizzie's ABC Christmas, from last year. I liked it when it came out but when I saw it in February at market and it was enhanced with JABCO buttons, I said "I've got to do that!" I'm close to three quarters done. Hoping to have it done by Memorial Day and on display. It won't be framed but I'm hoping it will be completely stitched.

For those of you stitchers who like to stitch on 40 count fabric, Weeks Dye Works has just started doing 40 count, added to their 30 and 35 counts. Just out in 40 count are the following colors (which match their floss colors): Parchment, Confederate Gray, Havana, Mocha, Putty, Straw and Tin Roof. Coming soon will be Angel Hair, Beige and Linen. I just know I'm going to have to get some of these in.

Talk, soon!

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