Monday, January 31, 2011


Isn't this weather something? Again, they're calling for bad weather Tuesday and Wednesday. Please, call first before coming. I'm terrified of icy conditions. I can't afford to fall, so if the weather people are right, I may leave early or come in late.

Yes! There will be a Superbowl Sale, on Saturday Feb. 5 from 10-4 and Sunday Feb. 6 from 11-2. Everything in the shoppe will be discounted 15%.

This is a picture of a wool feather tree. We are proud to announce that we will be having a class on how to construct this tree. Ours will be 'dirty' white for Easter and any other season you may want to use if for. Stop in the shoppe and see our model. Waiting for confirmation of date and will announce it this week. Space will be limited. It was a lot easier to 'steal' this picture of a pink feather tree than try and photo my model, download it to my computer and put it in the blog! I sometimes get frustrated trying to do this type of thing and this past week has been very stressful, so I took the easy way out!

Going home, now. I've been to the grocery store before the bad weather along with everyone else and I've got to unload the car put them away and then I think I'm going to stitch on my Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aren't these cute? They are called Just Pins from the Just Another Button Company. We just got these in to add to our autumn, Christmas and Quilt pins. The summer ones are so cute - sunglasses, beach ball and flip flop, all so reminding us that Spring and Summer WILL come and we all need this now, with another storming looming in the near future. These pins are great to use in pincushions you may stitch; as tools for stitching, you could use them as a counter; and we even have the clutch, or earring back, to use on the tip and create a stick pin - remember them?

As for the sheep, the majority are white, but there's always that one in a crowd.

Check them out the next time you come in the shoppe. They are just too cute for words.

A couple of new charts have arrived this week: Ephinea's Snowflakes, makes a beautiful primitive snowflake pillow/pincushion. It's real cute and will stitch up in just a couple of sittings. From Tempting Tangles Designs, we have Panoply of Posies, a Quaker motif sampler inspired by antique motifs gathered over 100 years ago. The floral figures are reminiscent of wild flowers, ferns, herbs and grasses that blanket the meadows and hills of the Swiss landscape.

Stay tuned next week, as the new LHN ornament series should arrive with Cardinal Winter and Lizzie Kate should be here within the next 2 weeks.

By the way, if you want to sign up to receive the LHN Christmas ornaments, automatically, just give a call or email. If you were signed up for the last series, please just give me a call or email that you want to continue. Thanks.
Keep stitching and keep warm.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi, Everyone, on this snowy, icy Tuesday. I came in around noon today but it's still a nasty day. Have to show this to you. I am ready!!!! Anxiously awaiting the release of Lizzie Kate's Halloween Rules. My top border is done and will work some more on the sides so I can start stitching when the charts arrive. They are expected to be shipped around the 25th so they should be here by the 1st of February.

Next time I scan a piece in progress, I better press it first so it doesn't look so messy. Sorry, but you can still get a good idea of how it will look.

Blackbird's Pumpkin Farm arrived today. Weeks Dye Work floss is back in stock. I will be twisting the night away tonight. New charts from Hoffman are expected in tomorrow or Thursday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hi, Everyone! 2011's been a tough year so far with all this bad weather. Just remember, if you're coming out to the shoppe and the weather is bad or going to be bad, or has been bad, CALL first. With my two bad knees, I don't need to fall and sometimes I may sneak out early or come in late. So, please call first. Thursday night hours may also be affected.

Nashville Market is coming up in mid February. Still a question as to whether I will be going or not. But have no fear! We will still be getting all those goodies that will be coming out. Lizzie Kate has announced her new items and they will be shipped around Jan. 25. A new Halloween Rules is coming, like the Christmas Rules, and a new ABC's of Parenting are among the new charts.

Aren't these cool? The border for the Halloween Rules is available on Lizzie Kate's blog and here in the shoppe. I've picked out a blue/gray fabric to make the picture look more like the tombstone as charted. I have a Sterling overdye from Picture this Plus on order that would also make a great tombstone.....

Littlehouse Needleworks is putting out several new charts as well, including Hillside Travelers, Rosey and the first ornament of the 2011 series, Winter Cardinals.

Also new is Blackbird Designs Pumpkin Farm, which will probably ship at the end of this month.

These are just a few of the new charts due in shortly. We've already gotten in some new ones: By the Bay's New England Winter, depicting a winter scene with a sleigh ride. Heart in Hand's Love Triplet has three small designs: Crush, Be Mine and True Love. The I Do chart would be a nice remembrance for someone special's wedding date.

Check back soon for more new charts and info. Check out for new and old charts. This distributor has over 12,000 charts out there and we can order in any of them you would like. We just need the name of the chart and the number assigned to it.