Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here are some more new charts, just arrived in the shoppe.......

Vickery Collection brings us Flip Flop Fun... skipping us through the illusive Spring season and dropping us right into Summer.

Spring Stained Glass, designed by Ursula Michaels,  offers us a taste of Spring with daffodils, iris and tulips in full bloom.

Beehive Needleworks brings us another pillow or pincushion, very springy in its colors...Martha Tizwell's Tulips.

Little House Needleworks  has added another chart to its Hometown Holiday Series....Main Street Station.  We used to have a train station like this in my home town,  but,  unfortunately, it and the tracks are long gone.  This is number two in the series, all of which are finished as stand-ups.  If you check out her website, she has a link to a tutorial, taking you step by step in the finishing process, which is not hard.

Back in stock, is the popular Coverlet Houses by Scarlett House.  In the pattern, she offers you two versions of stitching.  The first, is shown below, stitching the background.  The second is stitching the houses and vines without the alphabet.  This is so reminiscent of the coverlets our forefathers wove and the DMC colors she picked are great.  One of my customers stitched  this piece and we have it on display in the shoppe.

Dont' forget, these are only a sampling of the  new charts that have arrived.  We get new ones in on a weekly basis.  If any of these charts catch your eye, give us a call and we will put them back for you until you can get in to pick it up.  If you check out and you can view many of the new charts being published weekly.  If you see something on these sites you would like, we can special order it in for you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Here's another design from All Through the Night...Oh Christmas Tree.  I love these designs that are created from motifs and this is definitely on my to-do list.

Sue Hillis Designs has brought us a graduation piece...Congratulations.

Love patriotic designs?  Here's one from Aury TM called American Pride and is done all in DMC colors.

Bent Creek's Go North to Winter has an embellishment pack included for the button and beads.

Guess who's back designing!  That's right, Kathy Barrick, of Carriage House Samplings fame.   Shown are 2 of her new designs as she is now designing as Kathy Barrick.  The first is Strawberry Bird and the next is October 31.


Mosey 'n Me is back with an original saying by Frank and is entitled The Thread that Binds.

Dames of the Needle has given us two vintage Halloween designs.  Create a pick, as shown or create an ornament, insert in a pillow or just frame.  Because I like everything vintage Halloween, these are on my to-do pile.  Black Cat & Star Pick and Pumpkin Boo Pick.

Stacy Nash now brings us Spring at Hollyberry Farm.  Going to stitch this and hang with your Christmas at Hollyberry Farm?

Cat and Mouse Pinkeeps and Slipper is another new design from Stacy Nash.  Check out the little slipper she has created from cross stitch and wool.

Back again from Dragon Dreams is Dragonlets Birth Sampler.  Dragons seem to be  popular again so we got this chart back in stock.  We also got in Fairy Tale Sampler from Dragon Dreams which  I recently framed  and it turned out beautifully.

Stop in and check out all we have new from Market.  Don't forget the Easter Egg Hunt this week!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


WE WILL BE CLOSED THIS WEDNESDAY MARCH 13th.  We will reopen Thursday at 10AM.

E G G   H U N T    We will hold an Egg Hunt from Wednesday March 20 thru Saturday March 23.  While you look around at all the new arrivals and select your next project, Look For an Egg!  Upon checkout, we'll open the egg and you will receive a discount on your entire purchase!  And as an extra bonus, we WILL punch your Frequent Buyer Card, too.  Discounts will not be given on special orders being picked up or on framing.  Be sure and check us out.

WOOL CLASS...... A PRIMITIVE MAKE-DO   And what is a make-do, you ask?  Here's pics.

 The class will be held on Saturday April 13 from 11-3 (additional time available if we need it)  Bring something for lunch.  The cost is $36.00 and includes all supplies.  A $5.00 fee  is payable to the teacher if you want your make-do on the spring.  This make-do, makes do for a pincushion and looks and works just as well if you choose to sit it directly on a table top. When you sign up and pay for the class, take the time and select your wool colors.  You don't want to be rushed on the day of class!    Call today and reserve your spot.  Payment  is due within one week from the time you sign up. Cash or check is preferred.  Credit cards are accepted.

Come and join us for some fun and learn to work with wool.  Please bring scissors to cut wool.  Needles, floss, stuffing and wool is provided.   Call today as space is limited.  See you there!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Little House Needleworks, above, has brought out a new kit with floss.  This one I am certainly going to do as it is near and dear to my heart....Needleworker.

Ink Circles has The Birds and the Bees

 Rosewood Manor:  Welcome to My Garden and  Ravenswood Sampler

The Scarlett House brings us Rachel Howells 1856....beautiful!

Supporting my love of Quaker designs, With My Needle presents Mini Quaker Sampler.

Chessie and Me presents Buzzing Round Ewe

Country Stitches (With Thy Needle and Thread), of Word Play fame, has Candlestick Maker Sampler, Crimpets and Tea (I think this would look good in a little girl's room) and Three Tulips.  This is going in my to do basket.

JBW Designs never fails us.  More Country French designs and others:  Alphabet Cats, Antique French Alphabet, Umbrella, French Poodle and Home At Last. The Umbrella could be done as a memento of a wedding or baby shower.

NEW ARRIVALS case you haven't heard, there was a big trade show last weekend in Nashville.  We didn't go, but we've got some new pics to show you of what's new to the shoppe or soon to arrive. There are quite a few new items.   I know I was on one site yesterday to see what she had new and I got tired of looking at page after page of her new stuff.  Don't want that to happen to you, so I'm going to break them up for you into several postings.  Here we go.....

All Through the Night...BOO!  Guess you all know I like crows, so why wouldn't I like this one.

Blackbird Designs was quiet about upcoming designs.  Here are a few of those released:  Dear Daughter, Maria Selby Humphrey and May Basket.

 Carriage House Samplings  Praise Ye the Lord

Scenes of Spring from Homespun Elegance

La D Da brings us  Mercy, Mercy,  My Little Sampler, Peace House and Krissy Nelson.

Spring Time is brought to us by New York Dreamer.

Plum Street Sampler's new charts: Peggy Shorrock 1803, Nantucket Girl's Sampler and Viktor & Irina.  I especially like the verse on Nantucket Girl's Sampler......we can assume some women had the same thoughts years ago as some of us do now.

Prairie Moon has come up with more humorous Halloween charts, among which is You Forgot My Car   Seat..........

These are just a few......more to follow!