Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I'd thought I'd show you the new Lizzie Kate designs that just arrived. I talked about them yesterday, but today I have pictures!

She also has an Easter Quuick-it - the usual alphabet with Easter eggs, a basket, flowers and a bunny charm. It's real cute and quick. And of course, her next silly boxer has arrived - We're not gossing...we're net-working!

Just got word that my Blackbird Stockings and fabrics have shipped. I believe that the next installment in Little House Needleworks Christmas ornament series should also be in the same box and here's a picture of the 3rd ornament.

Take care and keep stitching!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi, Stitchers! Did everyone have a happy New Year? I did, and it's been busy ever since. I'm trying to take inventory and it's progressing slowly. I've started a new project early in the New Year and I'm going pretty good on it. It's Quaker Gone Tropic and stitched using bright silk colors on Lemon Ice fabric. It's got the Quaker motif but all with tropical colors and tropical themed motifs. It's turning out to be lots of fun.

Blackbird Stockings for November and December should be shipped from the distributors, shortly. They are awaiting one fabric, used in the charts, to arrive.

Lizzie Kate has an auto being shipped this week. She has a new set of flip-its that are 'green'. Each of the six, in the set, offers a 'go green' thought. They can be stitched individually or combined with her free border. Cat Lessons for People, similar to her ABC kits, is full of cat-ty attributes , applicable to people. Should be lots of fun, especially for cat lovers. Dog lovers, don't despair, Dog Lessons for People will be released at market in late February.

2010 Superbowl Sale will be held the week of Feb 2 thru Feb 7 - that's Tuesday thru Sunday. Normal hours will apply. You will pick your discount. In celebration of the new year of 2010, discounts will be 20% or 10% for the sale.

We have a new designer at Just Cross Stitch. Lila Umstead, of Lila's Studio, is a local girl from Collegeville. She's been stitching for years and designing and has finally published over a dozen charts. She loves fracktur and the Pennsylvania-German designs. She has also designed a Halloween chart, Old McDonald's Sampler, based on the children's song, and several Alphabet samplers. Check out her charts at We are awaiting our second order from her, which should arrive soon.

Anybody out there experiencing Winter Blues? We hope not, but if you are, we have an idea for you. Start a new project! Buy a new chart. If the chart has the word 'BLUE' in either the fabric or floss recommended, you will receive 10% off the purchase of your chart or fabric. There is just one hitch ---YOU must TELL ME that your chart qualifies for the Winter Blues Promo. This is a shop special for you blog readers. So check us out! This promo will continue from today thru Saturday January 30. That gives you 2 weekends to get here and save!!! Don't forget, you must tell me you want to use the Winter Blues Promo.

Well, gotta get back to my inventory taking. Oh, by the way, we have Stitch Night at the shop on the 3rd Wednesday of the month - that's tonight. We stitch and b****h from 6:30 to 8:30 and have fun. Check us out some month. Call first if the weather is questionable. You know me and bad weather - we don't mix.

Talk soon and keep stitching!!