Friday, June 18, 2010

Here's some new photos of items to come. Little House has 2 new charts and a new frosty snowman ornament coming and her daughter, Country Cottage Needleworks has the shore scene and one additional nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.
Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers has arrived with fabric and flosses. The new Anniversaries, Farmhouse chart is also here.
Check out this week. Last weekend was the Columbus Needlework Show. Hopefully he will have lots of new goodies this week, if not they should appear next week.
Talk later. Carolyn

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi! Here's a preview of the new Lizzie Kate designs, due to ship today. The left is her Christmas flip-it series - Christmas Rules - due out over the next several months. Right is the ABC Halloween kit. These and others should be due in this week.
Also, hopefully due this week, is Blackbird Designs chart and fabric for the Hedgerow birds - the final Loose feathers series chart. It's a bag to carry all the littles you have stitched. It will be done on 20 count straw. We have some of the Crescent threads needed and we are awaiting the Gentle Art threads.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi, Everyone. I just got reconnected to the world! My laptop connect device died Tuesday June 1 (less than 30 days out of contract) and I decided to opt out for a 'cheaper' internet connection. It came yesterday and today I hooked it up. Got the wiring right, but a firewall on the modem was keeping me out so I needed technical support. Asked the gentleman where he was from and he said he wasn't supposed to tell me and I guessed Texas (he had quite a drawl) and he said it was a good guess. So I am back. Had well over 125 emails since last Tuesday, so I've been deleting those I knew I didn't want and starting to read the others in the order of receipt. It's taking some time because I do have to stop and help cross-stitchers who drop by.

Hope to have a few pictures up Thursday or Friday on new items. Haven't heard what day Loose Feathers may be here, but I know we are all anxiously waiting for it.

Gotta go. It's after 5 PM and I want to go home and get some dinner. Later tonight I'll pick up some stitching. I'm working on Simple Joys, a new one from Little House Needleworks.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hi, Everybody! Hope you had a great Memorial Day holiday. I just want to thank all those who donated their precious stash to our Stash to Treasure day. I want to thank all those who came and donated and took new stash home with them and to those who came and just donated.

And now a drum roll date, we've raised over $1200.00 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

We accumulated so much stash this year, that I decided to leave it in place for the rest of this week. So, donations will still be accepted. And don't think, for on moment, we don't have some good stuff left. We do! Now, I've got to decide where to donate what will be left. If any of you know of any organization that can use craft items, please let me know. This is good stuff and is still usable.

Well, I just got in an order of Weeks Dye Works, so I need to check it in and then twist, twist, twist.

Keep stitching!!!!