Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi, Everyone. I just got reconnected to the world! My laptop connect device died Tuesday June 1 (less than 30 days out of contract) and I decided to opt out for a 'cheaper' internet connection. It came yesterday and today I hooked it up. Got the wiring right, but a firewall on the modem was keeping me out so I needed technical support. Asked the gentleman where he was from and he said he wasn't supposed to tell me and I guessed Texas (he had quite a drawl) and he said it was a good guess. So I am back. Had well over 125 emails since last Tuesday, so I've been deleting those I knew I didn't want and starting to read the others in the order of receipt. It's taking some time because I do have to stop and help cross-stitchers who drop by.

Hope to have a few pictures up Thursday or Friday on new items. Haven't heard what day Loose Feathers may be here, but I know we are all anxiously waiting for it.

Gotta go. It's after 5 PM and I want to go home and get some dinner. Later tonight I'll pick up some stitching. I'm working on Simple Joys, a new one from Little House Needleworks.

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