Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreary weather makes good stitching time! Don't you agree? But I'm here at the shop, doing 'work' things while my stitching sits at home, waiting for me. Oh well! But, we'll be getting new charts in at the end of the week. More to stitch for samples. The Columbus Market is this weekend, so we'll be seeing lots of new charts over the next couple of weeks. Lizzie Kate emailed us info on here new Double Flip project for Christmas. She's taken the words 'Merry Christmas' and created phrases for each letter and charted it vertically. Blackbird Designs has the May Stockings out. As you can see, they've done a May Basket and Lily of the Valley on two of the stockings. I can remember as a kid, picking lots of lilies of the valley and putting them in water, tinted with food coloring and watching the white flowers become tinged with color.
Lizzie Kate is also coming out with a Quick to Stitch line - the first being a Halloween design. It is supposed to be a very quick stitch. It should travel very easily and may be a great project for your vacation or watching those little league games. Lizzie Kate's new items should ship the middle of next week.

Country Cottage Needleworks is releasing a new chart, in installments - Winter Wonderland, with Belle Soie Silks, included. This will be a special order for those who sign up for the entire series. So sign up now, as we will be ordering next week, when the designers return from market.

For those of you who like Quaker designs, check out - this is the group who printed the Ackworth samplers. They have a new sampler chart available, free. It is Mary Wigham, from 1790. Yes, it is free. It's available in nine installments. All they ask for is a donation. I think this is a great idea. It's not costing them printing fees so all the money they receive as a donation for the chart will go directly into the Ackworth School Sampler Fund to preserve these valuable samplers for years to come.
Gotta go - work is calling. Keep checking back to see new charts or check out or www.nordencrafts to see new charts as they get them from the designers.