Friday, March 21, 2014


Found a fairly new designer at market this year - The Purple Thread.  Here are 2 designs that I just received from market.  The second pic is of the 91st Garden, A Sampler of Hope.  A beautiful sampler chocked full of embellishments which are included in the price of the chart.  The first pic is Autumn on the Delaware and is a kit which includes everything to make the piece...floss, linen, beads and buttons, backing fabric, ribbon and the cording.  Just open the package and start stitching as they also included the needle.  Both are now available in the shoppe.

I recently obtained some pre-cut packaged fabric for the shop.  A lot of the fabric has been priced and is available, now, in a lot of Springy colors....pinks, blues, lavenders and yellows.  Come check it out.  It is currently on sale at 20% off .  Get some pretty pastels for your Spring projects, now.

MARCH MADNESS will be celebrated at Just Cross Stitch from Wednesday March 26 thru Sunday April 6, 2014.  WE ARE HAVING A FRAMING SALE!!!  The first, ever!!!  We will discount the cost of the frame on cross stitch pieces brought in for framing during this two week period.  And here's the MADNESS..... the first piece you bring in will have a 15% discount on the frame, the second, a 25% discount on the frame and the third, and subsequent pieces, will have a 35% discount on the frame.  So, go check that closet or drawer where you've stashed  all your finished pieces.  Pick out several and bring them in for framing and save during our MARCH MADNESS event.

Friday, March 14, 2014


It's almost completed!  I need one color of floss to complete 2 words (bee) and one spool of thread in the sampler and it's finished.  Fell in love with this at market and I had to do it.  I completed it on 40ct fabric so the completed piece, on display at the shop, is slightly smaller than the original but I love it. Unfortunately, the mottled color of the fabric can't be seen in this pic. ( I actually scanned this piece instead of using a camera.)   It's colors are so bright and they remind me of the coming spring.  The chart is the Antique Bee Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs.  She also gives a second design using the same motifs but they create a smaller tall and narrow piece that she displayed as a wall hanging.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey, Spring is coming and so is Memorial Day and our annual St. Jude's Memorial Day sale!  If you are new to the blog, we accept donations of unwanted charts, fabric, floss and accessories.  We display them at our  Memorial Day Sale.  Our customers come and check out the donated stash and  give a cash donation, all of which is given  to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

So when you are sorting through your stash, remember us and drop off your unwanted stash here, now through mid May.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


 The English Garden from Blackbird Designs is a beautiful sewing bag kit.  Everything you need to complete the bag is included....linen and floss and finishing fabrics.  This is truly a beautiful and peaceful piece to stitch with beautiful floss colors.

Chessie & Me brings us the first kit...Noel House.  Fabric and flosses are included to make this cute picture for the holidays.  The top holly basket would make a cute hang tag to decorate a package or hang on the tree for yourself.

Kindly Remember Me is a cute pillow kit, or could be framed, from Olde Colonial Design.  The linen and a charm are included in this kit.

Love Is , from Summer House Stitche Workes is a Limited Edition kit for a cute little pillow and your own skeleton key to your heart.

Another Olde Colonial Designs kit is the Spring Needlework Lollipop.  Included in this kit to finish the floss holder is the linen for front and back of the lollipop, the lollipop handle, overdyed floss, lining material, ribbon, template boards and complete instructions to finish.

Lizzie Kate

The top limited edition kit is Song of Spring.  A beautiful pillow for the Spring and Easter seasons. 
Ovedyed flosses is in the kit with the linen, rickrack, lace and buttons and a really cute polka dot brown fabric to create your own pillow.

The second kit is Do Your Best.  Again, everything is included and you have your choice of finishing fabric in red, natural and green.

And last, but not least, another Blackbird Designs kit, The Garden Fair,  brought to you by Hoffman Distributing Company and is stitched on a new overdyed 32ct fabric called Hoffman's Special Blend...a really nice color.