Thursday, July 31, 2014


Thistles has just been picked up by our distributor, Norden Crafts and their entire line can be seen at  They are from the Netherlands.  I liked their primitive looks and picked up 2 of their charts....Floss Tags and Saltbox Christmas.

Saltbox Christmas is stitched on a 35ct fabric, but could be done on a larger count.  They use Belle Soie silks but give DMC conversion colors.  But, if you've never stitched with Belle Soie silk from Classic Colorworks, give it a try.  It's like stitching with buttered floss....there is no drag at all when you pull your thread through the fabric.

Floss Tags is stitched on fabric of your choice and in colors of your choice.  A great project to use up your leftover scraps of fabric and thread in your stash.  She gives simple directions to finish your piece and then you just add a grommet and a ring for the floss.  You could add a piece of matboard inside to 'stiffen' the piece and use it as a package tie or Christmas ornament.  You could also just make a stuffed ornament from the designs.  So this is a great chart to use your imagination on.

Kathy Barrick created Rebecca a couple of months ago and now we have her mate, Rodney.  If you have the one, you have to have the mate.

Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazines are great and I've always felt I needed each issue that came along.  Now, after 17 years publishing them, they've created a DVD of those 17 issues.  The DVD is easy to use.  You can browse the contents issue by issue or you can search by a word or phrase and the charts, in PDF form, are printer friendly.  Check it out and have the best cross stitch ornament tree in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


New designs have arrived from Lizzie Kate for this Christmas and Halloween.

Hats Off to Halloween 2 is an updated design and contains a second design Be Very Scary.  In my cotton fabric stash (yes, I have a stash of cotton fabrics, too :) )  I have some fabric like this, so this is another to add to my pile to stitch.  Stitched with WDW threads, we have the 28ct amber linen you need to complete the project.

The next 2 pics are just two of the 6 Tingles to arrive, completing the series.

A Little Boo  is a kit containing chart, fabric and embellishments.  A real quick stitch using WDW threads with the amber fabric.

And last, but not least is Tiny Tidings XIX with embellishments.  All 5 designs are included and they are easy to finish.  You could use fabric or scrapbook paper to cover the back mounting board and add some handmade or purchased cording and a hanger and you're done.  Or even mount them on felt or sew into mini pillows.

Also released is her 2014 Santa...Jolly Round & Kind.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Scarlett House is offering a Limited Edition Kit that will be available in mid August and we must preorder the kits to get them from our distributor.

Hannah's Brownstone is stitched on 36ct Edinboro linen.   The kit contains the linen, 12 skeins of Weeks Dye Works, a needle and the pattern, all packaged in a cute hemp eco-friendly zip bag that can be used over and over again to store supplies.  The design size is 7"x 6" with a retail price of $50.00.  There will be a very limited number available.
Please call me at 215-513-9373, or stop by, to preorder your kit no later than Saturday August 2.
I am planning on going to the St. Charles show in mid-August and will pick them up then.  The kits I bring back with me will be the only ones I will be able to purchase.  So, you must preorder your kits, Now!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Here he is.....2014 PRAIRIE SCHOOLER SANTA!
The Night Before Christmas....really cute in it's Quakerish way.   Love how she finishes out the design so we can create ornies from it.
Christmas Tree the pickup truck hauling the trees.
And now moving  on to Halloween with   Miss Fortune, Nevermore with it's haunted house  and Hocus Pocus ( you could even do 9 different ornies from this one).  And of course the winner with me is......Hocus Pocus.....another start.....tonight!  I'm going to do this on a 40ct fabric and maybe change the DMC colors into overdyes.  Gotta think on it.

By the time I finally got this posted, I've started Hocus Pocus on a 40ct fabric and I decided to use the DMC colors called for.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


CLASSIC ORNAMENTS is a new 12 part series from Country Cottage Needleworks starting mid August and continuing through July 2015.  Traditional greens and reds will be used in all the designs, hence the name 'classic'.  The first 3 designs will be Angels, Dear Santa and Snow Love.  Each design is stitched on a different 32ct fabric and there will be a Jabco button to adorn each ornament.  Classic Colorworks, WDW, GAST and DMC flosses will be used throughout the series.  Sign up now to ensure you don't miss a design.

Thursday, July 10, 2014



I was doing some cleaning and rearranging and opened a box and was very surprised.  I found 13 charts...and not at all unlucky.  There were  Diane Graebner Designs, PB Designs and 1 from Janlynn's.  The pics show just a few.  The charts haven't seen the light of day since I moved here.  It's always fun to see some oldies but goodies  so come check them out, after all, some designs never go out of style.