Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Just got my order in for new charts released last week and I've also got back in some charts, so sit down and relax and check out what's new....

Halloween House Trio from Waxing Moon Designs gives 3 charts finishing at 4.25 x 5.5 on 14/28ct fabric.  They would make cute easels for your Halloween vignette

Scary Berry from Erica Michaels.....another strawberry.  This one is on linen on a 36ct fabric.  Larger count fabrics like 28 or 32 would make a larger berry. 

Number 2 in Songbird's Garden series from Cottage Garden is Merry and Bright.  It shows black capped chickadees and winterberry holly.

Also back in stock is Halloween Sampler from Cottage Garden.  This is a work in progress for me.  Guess I'll have to find it and get it finished.


Hen Peck from Plum Street is new and I just got it back in stock along with Blueskin and Cow Pile.


Cinnamon Stars is back in stock from Plum Street Samplers.  It's quite popular right now among flosstube followers.  It's a great stitch.

Home for the Holidays is an older Blackbird Designs release that was unavailable for a while but is now back in stock.  It contains several out of print charts:Christmas Garden, Blessings Be Thine and Tis the Season.  It contains 10 designs.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Well, Brenda has done it again.....she's adding more stash to my pile.  I've got to do at least 2 of these.  How about you.......which one tempts you?

They are ordered and should arrive within 2 weeks.....I hope.  Reserve your copy now.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Yeah, I know I kinda missed Thursday, but I was busy and didn't have the time to organize my thoughts and create this blog. So, here we go on Saturday.....

Remember when.......1997.  A good year, the end of my first year in business.  Pat Thode, a needlepoint artist, ran a company The Artists Collection/Heartstrings, designing her needlepoint Santa designs into cross stitch.  She issued 12 Santas, one for each month, in a series called                   THE SANTA FACTORY    (click to view all 12 images).  The designs used Mill Hill treasures as accessories, but I never felt that they were actually needed.

Well, cleaning out some boxes, I found this entire series.  I have 9 full sets and 1 or 2 of every month except February.  I am offering a complete set of 12 for $12.00 (plus shipping, if needed).  The original price was $1.50 per card....boy those were the good old days.

They vary slightly in size, the largest is 52x88 (3.25x5.5).  She calls for a variety of colors in 32ct.  Most of the colors are still available or easily substituted.  Or you could alter the size of the linen.  If you use a larger count linen, making a larger Santa, they could be finished as stand ups or as an easel.  Couldn't you see these lined up on a mantel for the holiday?

If you want individual cards, it will be on a first come basis, for $1.00 per card..  Like I said, I have 9 full sets and would like to sell them as a full set.  The remaining cards are:

January 2, February 0, March 2, April 2, May 1, June 2, July 2, August 2, September 2, October 1, November 2, December 1.

Give me a call at 610.409.9373 or message me on facebook or email me to reserve your set of individual cards.  Just remember, when they are gone, they are gone.

Now, what will I find in my next box?????????

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Reserve your copy of the 2018 Just Cross Stitch Special Edition Halloween Magazine.  Due in this week.  Time to start working on some new Halloween ornies.

Plum Street Samplers made a big release this week.  BLUESKIN  features one of the two horses used by George Washington in the Revolutionary War.  Stitched on 36ct Nantucket Brew using WDW, GA and CC flosses.  They've also been converted to DMC's.

HEN PECK is a 'pile' of very patriotic chickens.  Stitched on 36ct Oaken with CC & WDW threads (DMC conversion provided).  Gotta stitch this chart and Blueskin.  The pile is getting bigger.

NOAH'S CHRISTMAS ARK IV .... continuing the series with Pandas and Parrots.

COW PILE  is also stitched on 36ct Oaken with CC & WDW (DMC conversion).  The bottom cow reminds me of cows in Maine who do, indeed, have a 'wide belt' of  solid white that runs around the middle.  They are called Belted Galloway Cattle and come from Scotland.


MERFOLK'S EDEN is stitched on 36ct Nantucket Brew using CC and WDW floss (DMC conversion included).

A BOWL FULL OF SCARIES ....SCARY now out in chart form alone.  Had been previously issued in a kit form.

All are in the shop and available for purchase.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Just Cross Stitch is taking a holiday break.  We will close Saturday June 30 at 3pm and reopen Thursday July 5 at 11am.  We will be closed the first Sunday this month of July and Wed. July 4.
Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and be safe.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


This week adds several new patterns , reprinted out of print charts and restocking of old favorites.  See anything you like....give me a call and reserve to pick it up or have it mailed.

First on the list is from LHN....Bless Our Home.  This was just done as a stitch-a-long (SAL) on Priscilla and Chelsea's flosstube channel.

Back in from Blackberry Lane...Sooo Boo-t-ful and Whooo's the Good Kitty.

Jandin Prive brings us a new chart...Happy Halloween NIght.

Prairie Schooler has reprinted Where There Are Bees and Harvest Time....

Available once again Home for the Holidays from Blackbird Designs.    It contains reprints of Christmas Garden and Blessings Be Thine (out of print BBD charts) and several new patterns.

From Teresa Kogut Designs....some older and new charts:

Santa's Flag

Flowers and Berries

Dance Party

For Ewe


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 Prairie Schooler Santa Just Released

Reserve your copy at Just Cross Stitch, today!