Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey Stitchers! Boy did the weather channel get one on me. They called for 4-6 inches on Friday. Then they called for another 2-5 on Saturday. And I think we got more! Boy did we get snow but thankfully, we did not get as much as others got. I didn't get plowed out till late Saturday night. I was afraid I wouldn't even get out to the shop Sunday but here I am. (Can't wait to see what we get Tues thru Wednesday) But enough of that four letter word - SNOW.
Due to inclement weather, we are extending our Super Week Sale this coming week from Tuesday thru Saturday. Pick your discount and receive either 10% or 20% off your purchase. Special orders are not included if picked up during this time and neither are special orders placed during the sale. Frequent Buyer Cards will not be punched on sale items or redeemed.

Have you heard about SYHO? The Stitch Your Heart Out Campaign will offer 12 charts from 12 different designers. The idea is that each month you will have an idea of that designers' style in a small and inexpensive chart. I think the finished area of the design will be 3x3 or 4x4. They will be all the same size. The cost will be $4.00 per chart. Once you've accumulated all 12 charts and of course stitched them, you will be able to assemble them into a Designer Encyclopedia. The finishing instructions will be available at no cost as long as you've purchased all 12 charts. I hope I don't get into any trouble saying this, but I was privy to a preview of the finished book. It will be available for shops to see at Nashville, but I was able to see the partially assembled book Friday and it was really nice. You will be able to keep all 12 designs in one place. Don't worry if you don't know how to sew or own a sewing machine, all instructions are for hand finishing in a very easy manner.
The first SYHO chart is from Glendon Place and is available now. I've ordered several in so if you are interested in signing up for a year of charts give us a call and put your name on the list. Sign up for the entire year and be guaranteed your FREE finishing instructions. Charts will be available monthly on the first Friday of each month. Homespun Elegance is another designer in the year of charts.
Will talk again, soon and be careful this week with bad weather. A customer just told me we could get another 12 inches on Tuesday nite and Wednesday.
Keep your stitching close!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi, Stitchers! Ready for the snow? Weather channel said last night that Pottstown would only get 4-6 inches and that's who I want to believe. Radio, this A.M. said nothing about west of Philly so maybe we won't even get any. We'll just need to wait and see but as of now, I'm planning on being in tomorrow. After all, we have our Super Week sale and it's still on Saturday and Sunday.

I was just perusing the blogs and I came across some photos of the new Carriage House Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. This one really attracts me with it's fall colors. Just ordered fabric in 40ct and 32 ct. for it. Lakeside linens has fabric to dye in the Sand Dune color , so we should get it in a timely manner.

Here's three blocks of the design:

I just love Tom and if I don't decide to do the entire piece, I will do Tom.

Good luck over the weekend. Hope we don't get much. Start saying those prayers for me that Feb. 19-22 will not have any snow so I can drive to Nashville without any weather problems.

Keep stitching,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi, Stitchers! Did you wake up to some of that white stuff called snow this morning? I was out sweeping off my porch , steps and path to my carport and looked around and really had to admit it was beautiful, the way it was on all the tree branches and pine trees. It truly looked like and Winter Wonderland.
And, mentioning that phrase, here's a picture of the newly released Blackbird Design's Loose Feather #39 - Winter Wonderland! How's that for a title. Fed Ex has me scheduled for a delivery Thursday, so hopefully it will be here. Can't wait to see it in person. Kinda think it's going to be a 'must do'!

Well, back to the grind. Need to take a floss inventory so I can order some more. Will be back with more news soon.

Don't forget our Super Bowl Sale is on all week. Check us out.