Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi, Stitchers! Ready for the snow? Weather channel said last night that Pottstown would only get 4-6 inches and that's who I want to believe. Radio, this A.M. said nothing about west of Philly so maybe we won't even get any. We'll just need to wait and see but as of now, I'm planning on being in tomorrow. After all, we have our Super Week sale and it's still on Saturday and Sunday.

I was just perusing the blogs and I came across some photos of the new Carriage House Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. This one really attracts me with it's fall colors. Just ordered fabric in 40ct and 32 ct. for it. Lakeside linens has fabric to dye in the Sand Dune color , so we should get it in a timely manner.

Here's three blocks of the design:

I just love Tom and if I don't decide to do the entire piece, I will do Tom.

Good luck over the weekend. Hope we don't get much. Start saying those prayers for me that Feb. 19-22 will not have any snow so I can drive to Nashville without any weather problems.

Keep stitching,


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