Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 In addition to For My Friend, Blackbird Designs has Sweet Thoughts of You, stitched on 14 count perforated paper.  If you've never stitched on paper, you should try it.  It's not difficult and you can easily frame it yourself.

Elizabeth's Designs has created the Antique Animal Sampler.

Glendon Place is going to make us hungry by creating a series of  Mandela designs based on famous desserts.  First out is Cherries Jubilee, Plum Pudding and Grasshopper Pie.  Aren't they tempting?

Jeannette Douglas Designs has Mini Quaker Stitches and Vintage Stars.  I'm currently working on a Quaker Sampler of hers and I'm afraid I might need to add these two designs to my pile.

La  D Da  has been very busy creating several new designs:  Alone in the Garden, 7 Virtues, Wicked Witch and Spot the Cat.  My favorite is Wicked Witch, of course, since I  can pair it with my Halloween designs.  Spot the Cat runs a close second, even though Spot has always been a dog since I learned how to read.

NeedleWork Press's Ann Wheatey 1829 is a recreation of an 1829 sampler.  Desert Rosi is a compilation of an 1824 English sampler's border and the words from an early 20th century sampler.

Rosewood Manor gives us Nostalgia I - and yes it does imply others to follow.  Eleven more, to be exact.
Small in size and quite colorful, they can be stitched individually or all as one..


All of these have been  ordered from my distributor Hoffman Distributing Co. and should be here in about  7 days.  Check out for many more new Nashville titles.  We can order any that you see on his website.  Just give us the title and the number assigned to the chart and we'll get it for you.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

April is Coming...

And so will be the April Word Play.  Isn't this just so cute?  I've skipped some of the months so I can stitch other pieces, either for personal gifts or for shop models, but I think I'm going to stitch this up when I get it. It's just sooooo springy and so Eastery I've got to have it.   Country stitches will release this on March 1st, or there abouts, but it must go to my distributor and then come to me.  That's what takes me so long to get it sometimes.

Country Stitches has also release 2 other charts.  She doesn't always send all her charts to my distributor but I hope she does these 2 as they are really nice.  Both are done on 22 ct Fine Ariosa fabric.  Don't get upset over the 22 count as they are stitched over 2 to get an 11 count design, making both pieces  on the large size.  Peter and Peep finishes at 15x20 and is finished off as a pillowcase with lace edging (antique in the sample) with a pillow insert, which you construct from real ticking fabric.

House of Blues and Browns Sampler finishes as a long pillow, 11x23.  Brown ticking and natural rick-rack is used to complete the pillow.  I'm not into the blue and brown color scheme, but I find this pillow quite attractive - even though I don't enjoy stitching alphabets.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


From AuryTM comes the new Love, Quaker Style.  Stitched with 3 colors from the Gentle Art, Onyx, Grecian Gold and School House Red, on white fabric, this looks like it would make quite a statement  when hung on the wall.  

Ink Circles is out with 2 new designs. Opposites and Willow Berries.  Opposites is quite interesting as it is composed of only 2 designs which look different when stitched light on dark and dark on light.

Primitivebettys has combined wool, once again, with her cross stitch.  Winter Bell Pull is bordered with wool and chenille trim to 'frame' the piece and give it that primitive look.  But think about what it would look like with just a wood frame and no wool!  Primitive---but not too much.

All of the above are in the shoppe.  Stop by and check them out in person.  You know how much we stitchers like to look and feel charts, flosses and fabric.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JBW Designs has released her 7 new charts and they are all shown here.  The Rabbit Alphabet is cute and the picture shown does not show the entire piece.  It's nicely enhanced with bunnies and white buttons and can be stitched in any overdyed color you would choose.  The design on the Monogrammed Mini Tote is cute and would look nice on a towel or a band around a candle.  The Rose Motif Sampler is very cute and looks very French in style. French Country  Hobby Horse would be great for a little one's nursery, a birth announcement and even as a first Christmas ornament.

The French Country Fruit and French Country Strawberry are nice and I've included a photo of a bellpull she stitched using the 3 designs.  A Sweet Bouquet is very attractive as it reminds me of a lily of the valley type flower - very delicate.  This design is dedicated to all the families and their friends who are facing cancer treatments.  A portion of the sales of each leaflet will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Homespun Elegance is releasing Making My Heart Happy and Spring Eggs III.

These are just a few more that will be coming out this weekend at the Nashville Market.  JBW Designs are here in the shoppe and the others will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  If you see something you like, call and place an order for the chart or kit.  With pre-orders, I know how many I need  to order.  It's  difficult to guess your likes and dislikes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Here's the front cover for one of BBD's new charts, For My Friend, containing 12 projects, mostly cross stitch.  She also includes her recipe for her infamous Valentine cookies  and fries that she talked about on her blog.  Below, is the back with 2 projects shown.

 Told you Lizzie Kate was coming and she arrived today.  Getting Old is here along with the first 2 parts. of four, in the new Less=More Series.  Stitch these 8 designs individually, paired or all together in a free border that can be downloaded from Lizzie Kate's website.

Here's a pic of the March Word Play which just arrived Wednesday.  I'm lagging behind but I've been stitching other pieces for personal and shop use.

Wasn't on the web today to check for new releases for market, but I will check tomorrow and put up some pics.  Keep stitching, stay dry today and warm!  It really is so damp today.

Had some friends in today.  We sat at the table and stitched and compared future projects.  It was lots of fun.  Try it.  You could come join our free stitch group that meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30.  The more the merrier.  We just stitch and talk and have lots of fun.  Try us.  If you can't make this group, give me a call and maybe we can set up another time that would be good for you.

Take care and  tune in tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2012


 Here's some more that are coming out for the Nashville Market and will be coming into the shoppe, soon.

New from Primitive Jewel are 2 kits:  Spring Heart and Quaker Bird.  The kits contain graph, finishing instructions, wooden base and twine.  These kits are a quick to stitch, unique and 3 dimensional small.

Praiseworthy Stitches new design is Brother's Keeper - all about Cain and Abel.

Just what we all need - another pair of scissors.  These I really like because they look so primitive.  I'm not really a gadget girl, but I know I  need these.  The Devon scissors, with their antique look, are 3.75" with  good balance and sharp blades and a retail price under $15.00.

LizzieKate is shipping her auto next Tuesday.  Included in the shipment will be her new snippet, Getting Old and part 1 of 4 of the new Double Flip Series, Less=More.  Here you see the first chart with 2 designs and below is all 4 parts stitched as one piece.  The individual are stitched on 28  lambswool and she shifts to 32 lambswool stitched as one piece.  She uses GA: Dungarees, Endive(2) and Old Blue Paint.  WDW colors are:  Dirt Road, Madison Rose(2),  Molasses(2), Pecan, Purple Haze, Romance, Straw(2), and Tarragon.  Many of these colors were used in her new A Little Love kit.  Also due out, and  not pictured, is the last of the Inspirational Boxers series, What We Are.

Stay tuned  to this channel for more info on Nashville releases, coming soon to your Local Needlework Shoppe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lizzie Kate created this beautiful kit for Valentine's Day - A Little Love.  Just the right size, it is quick and easy to do.  She supplies the linen in the kit.  We ordered in the frames and have a small supply available at a very special price.  It is a deep frame, so  it will stand by itself and would look great on a bookshelf.  After all, a piece like this should be displayed all year long.

 Above are 2 pictures from Thy Needle and Thread.  The top is a preview of April Word Play and the bottom is the March Word Play due shortly in the shop.  March is really full of great words that make you imagine the winds of March and all the harbingers of spring.

 Widgets and Wool Primitives, is new to the shoppe and coming in are 3 designs lending themselves to sheep.  Here is one of them.   I thought they were cute and they will be quick as they are smaller in size.

 Ever visit Virginia and check out the ponies?  Well Carriage House Samplings brings it all back to mind with their new chart Chincoteague.  Great for you ladies who like nautical designs for yourself or gifts.

 This series from By The Bay needleart of over one designs has been quite popular.  She now has Winter out and it will be in shortly.  But don't forget, the charts can be stitched over 2 threads, they'll just be slightly larger.

A few months ago, we offered a tea sampler from Tempting Tangles.  Now they have  Classic Coffee Break for you specialty coffee lovers.  Stop by and check it out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just Cross Stitch will have new hours.  Starting Tuesday February 14, we will NOT be  open on Tuesdays.  Tuesday Hours will restart, hopefully,   May 1.

I am not ill or have any problems.  For the last 15 years I have run a business.  For the last 5 years, I not only ran a business, BUT, the business RAN me.  There are things I have to get settled and finished and if I don't 'schedule' these things, they just won't get done.  So I decided to schedule them on Tuesday, the least busy day of the week.   I need to  get them done and out of my hair.  I hope you can understand and bear with me.

All other hours will remain as usual:  Wednesday and Friday 10-4
                                                            Thursday                      10-7
                                                            1st Sunday of month     11-2

Don't forget to CALL if bad weather appears this winter to check and make sure I'm here or leaving early.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We will have our annual SUPERBOWL SALE on Saturday and Sunday Feb. 4 & 5.
Hours will be 10-4 on  Saturday and 11-2 on Sunday. 

Come check us out and save some dough!

Also want to let you know I'm still having computer problems.  So if you need to reach me, please call!