Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 In addition to For My Friend, Blackbird Designs has Sweet Thoughts of You, stitched on 14 count perforated paper.  If you've never stitched on paper, you should try it.  It's not difficult and you can easily frame it yourself.

Elizabeth's Designs has created the Antique Animal Sampler.

Glendon Place is going to make us hungry by creating a series of  Mandela designs based on famous desserts.  First out is Cherries Jubilee, Plum Pudding and Grasshopper Pie.  Aren't they tempting?

Jeannette Douglas Designs has Mini Quaker Stitches and Vintage Stars.  I'm currently working on a Quaker Sampler of hers and I'm afraid I might need to add these two designs to my pile.

La  D Da  has been very busy creating several new designs:  Alone in the Garden, 7 Virtues, Wicked Witch and Spot the Cat.  My favorite is Wicked Witch, of course, since I  can pair it with my Halloween designs.  Spot the Cat runs a close second, even though Spot has always been a dog since I learned how to read.

NeedleWork Press's Ann Wheatey 1829 is a recreation of an 1829 sampler.  Desert Rosi is a compilation of an 1824 English sampler's border and the words from an early 20th century sampler.

Rosewood Manor gives us Nostalgia I - and yes it does imply others to follow.  Eleven more, to be exact.
Small in size and quite colorful, they can be stitched individually or all as one..


All of these have been  ordered from my distributor Hoffman Distributing Co. and should be here in about  7 days.  Check out for many more new Nashville titles.  We can order any that you see on his website.  Just give us the title and the number assigned to the chart and we'll get it for you.

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