Thursday, March 7, 2013

NEW ARRIVALS case you haven't heard, there was a big trade show last weekend in Nashville.  We didn't go, but we've got some new pics to show you of what's new to the shoppe or soon to arrive. There are quite a few new items.   I know I was on one site yesterday to see what she had new and I got tired of looking at page after page of her new stuff.  Don't want that to happen to you, so I'm going to break them up for you into several postings.  Here we go.....

All Through the Night...BOO!  Guess you all know I like crows, so why wouldn't I like this one.

Blackbird Designs was quiet about upcoming designs.  Here are a few of those released:  Dear Daughter, Maria Selby Humphrey and May Basket.

 Carriage House Samplings  Praise Ye the Lord

Scenes of Spring from Homespun Elegance

La D Da brings us  Mercy, Mercy,  My Little Sampler, Peace House and Krissy Nelson.

Spring Time is brought to us by New York Dreamer.

Plum Street Sampler's new charts: Peggy Shorrock 1803, Nantucket Girl's Sampler and Viktor & Irina.  I especially like the verse on Nantucket Girl's Sampler......we can assume some women had the same thoughts years ago as some of us do now.

Prairie Moon has come up with more humorous Halloween charts, among which is You Forgot My Car   Seat..........

These are just a few......more to follow!

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