Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aren't these cute? They are called Just Pins from the Just Another Button Company. We just got these in to add to our autumn, Christmas and Quilt pins. The summer ones are so cute - sunglasses, beach ball and flip flop, all so reminding us that Spring and Summer WILL come and we all need this now, with another storming looming in the near future. These pins are great to use in pincushions you may stitch; as tools for stitching, you could use them as a counter; and we even have the clutch, or earring back, to use on the tip and create a stick pin - remember them?

As for the sheep, the majority are white, but there's always that one in a crowd.

Check them out the next time you come in the shoppe. They are just too cute for words.

A couple of new charts have arrived this week: Ephinea's Snowflakes, makes a beautiful primitive snowflake pillow/pincushion. It's real cute and will stitch up in just a couple of sittings. From Tempting Tangles Designs, we have Panoply of Posies, a Quaker motif sampler inspired by antique motifs gathered over 100 years ago. The floral figures are reminiscent of wild flowers, ferns, herbs and grasses that blanket the meadows and hills of the Swiss landscape.

Stay tuned next week, as the new LHN ornament series should arrive with Cardinal Winter and Lizzie Kate should be here within the next 2 weeks.

By the way, if you want to sign up to receive the LHN Christmas ornaments, automatically, just give a call or email. If you were signed up for the last series, please just give me a call or email that you want to continue. Thanks.
Keep stitching and keep warm.

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