Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi, Stitchers!  It sure is snowy out there and very cold.  But, this fair weather girl made it in today.  Maybe an hour late but I'm here.  My 100 ft+ driveway got plowed out at 2am this morning.  But, I still  have to do behind the car, the walk and porch and clean the car off (by law).  This takes time and this morning was sooooo cold!  Got to the shop and the parking lot was cleared nicely, but the guy who plows the walks didn't show up until after lunch.  But it's all clear now.

Have you started your new project for 2014 yet?  You know me, I start one, put it aside and start another.  So, I've done it again and here's what I'm stitching.....The new Lizzie Kate flip-it series...4 SEASONS.  It's only a 4 part piece for the 4 seasons.  She offers a free border to stitch it all as one and that's what I'm doing.  She  calls for 28ct amber, which is on order.  Since I've 32 amber in stock, I cut a piece and started stitching over the weekend.  The first one is Spring and the colors are pinks, lilac, plum and greens.....really 'springy' so that it was making me feel good, even when the snow was falling, yesterday.  I'll bring it to work this week so I can scan it or take a pic and show you my progress.  Meanwhile, here's pics of the first 2 parts and the entire piece.  Check them out.  Stay warm and keep stitching!

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