Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Sorry about not posting additional pics on Sunday.  We stayed at a motel in Wisconsin that had no internet service.  Believe me we were in the 'boonies'.  Monday night we drove early to real late so we could get home to pick up my little kitty from the boarders on Tuesday so by the time we checked into a hotel in Ohio on Monday night it was past midnight.  Eyes couldn't stay open so went right to bed and got up by 7 to be on road before 8 to drive home. 

So after my sob story, here are more pics.

Lizzie Kate has several new kits this year.  One is a Halloween kit, Spooky Eyes,  and she has the
Snow Dudes and Dear Rudolph.

Niky's Creations has Angel Kit with the design and floss holder included.  Country Christmas and Xmas Bags are shown and I have some of her monthly ornaments for May thru August.

This is Hannah's Brownstone, the special edition kit from Scarlett House.  I have a sufficient number of kits for those of you who pre-ordered the kit and I have 1 or 2 extra.

La D Da has several new ones out from market.  Soul Birds, shown, Serbian Proverb, Harvest House and Wee Bundle.

Witches Go Riding and Ebenezer's Christmas are from Erica Michaels.    The first is show on silk gauze and the second can be done on the gauze or cross stitched, as shown.  There are 3 sections to the Christmas chart and each could be it's own picture and one  is shown put into a box.  But you could pilliow them, make a padded hanging ornament or just frame them.  Any finishing idea would work.

Well, that's about all right now.  But, believe me, there are many more.  Just stop by and check them out. 

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