Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Stitching: LK Mystery Sampler

Here's a glimpse of the finished Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  According to her blog, this piece is going off to the framer as you read this.  This piece will arrive in 3 parts, at the end of June, July and August.  So you should have no problem finishing it by October.  It is stitched on a 30 or 35 count Weeks Dye Works fabric - the color is also a mystery, but from clues we've been finding, it might be tin roof.  The project takes 19 Weeks Dye Works flosses.  One of them is a brand new color, being released early, for this project.  In order to get this color, you need to buy the 'packet' of 19 colors (retail shoppes can't just order the new floss, either).  Each installation will include a small 'bonus' chart and each takes just one floss color.

Call now and reserve your Summer Stitching project.

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