Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is this FALL or what?

I can't believe the weather today! SNOW!!!! Ugh!!!

We were talking in the shop and the old wives' tale is if it snows and a chicken can make tracks in it, the date on which it snowed, indicates the number of snows for the season. So look out - 29 snows for the winter. Oh boy, how I do hope it doesn't come true this year. But it has been so rainy that it just may continue over into snow.

So, if the weather is bad, PLEASE call ahead and make sure I'm here. I will be leaving early today. I get so stressed out about walking in this stuff- I don't want to slip and take a chance of damaging my 'new' knees. I imagine anyone out, today, is buying milk and bread and not really interested in a hobby.

I will be pricing some new charts to the shop from Hinzeit today and tonight I will be twisting Gentle Art threads that arrived today. So take care and stay safe and don't forget to call.

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