Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey, Stitchers! Thanks for participating in our Christmas in July week. Now it's back to the regular day in day out stuff. I've been stitching up several of Blackbird's monthly stockings - I've done the July house and the star quilt pattern stockings and the stork. I got creative and stitched the start quilt pattern stocking on a 12 count Jute in a wheat color. I used red and green perle cotton and it stitched up really nice. It's about 12 inches long and it will make a nice Christmas decoration or even a really nice stocking for a family member. I stitched their Loose Feathers It's Berry Time without the alphabet across the top and I love it. It's waiting to be framed. And I just can't wait till the Halloween stocking book comes out.

We've ordered in some new publications and they should be in on Wednesday. Soon as they arrive, I'll try and get some pictures up so you know what's new. Check us out later in the week. Until then, keep stitching.


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