Thursday, July 18, 2013


First, I'd  like to thank all those who have given me items for the contest.  We still need more, so keep them coming in.

Second, I'd like to thank all those who support Just Cross Stitch in Lederach.  It's so easy, in today's world, to sit down in front of the computer and push a button and place an order.  It's really hard, today, to maintain a Brick and Mortar small business, and that is what I am trying to do.  I love having the shop, coming in to work and talking and visiting with my stitching friends, seeing what you are working on and your finished projects.  On an individual basis, we  can help you select a pattern, change floss colors, select a fabric to stitch on and a frame to finish it....because we are a brick and mortar shop.  THANK YOU for your loyalty.

Finally, what's new?  Lizzie Kate has a mystery sampler... Holly and Hearts.  Finished size on 14/28 should be 7x16.  It uses 12 Weeks Dye Works skeins (some are multiples)  and an overdyed fabric, Doubloon, from Picture This Plus.   28 count and 14 count fabric will both be available.  We will need to know if you want linen or aida when you order.

The sampler will come in 3 parts..... starting in September and ending in November.  Part 1 will include chart, threads and fabric; part 2's chart will contain a bonus holiday design; and, part 3 will include embellishments.  The design is chock full of holly and hearts.  There's a stylized holly border with some satin-y stitches.  Inside the design is more holly and many, many hearts.  Here's a sneak peek....

Just give us a call and Reserve your chart, floss and fabric today.  You have until July 31 to pre-order.


  1. Nice Post Carolyn...buttons can't replace customer service or your sweet smile! XO

  2. If your brick and mortar store were in Seattle I would definitely support you. People need to know how lucky they are to have a store like you.

  3. I agree with both the above comments! I shop Brick and Mortar for my cross-stitching, quilting and knitting. And, I shop at Cinnamon Stick whenever I need that 'extra something special' for me or a gift!