Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talk about days going from bad to worse. Tuesday didn't start out well at home. Came in and opened; Verizon came about 10:30 to add a second and separate phone line to the shop. He did it. Also told me the work order said I wanted my original phone line moved and he did that. Hour later, I talked to a fellow shop owner in NJ for a few minutes. 2 hours later I called Paula back and she said she was trying to get me for almost 2 hours and kept getting a doctor's office, here in my mall complex and the number coming up on her phone was not Just Cross Stitch but the doctors' office. Well, Verizon had joined my phone service on their line. When the phone rang in my shop, it was answered by their answering machine since it was actually a phone call for their office. Meanwhile I had been on the line with Verizon as I had no internet service.

Called back Wednesday AM at 10 and they promised me it would be fixed by 5 today! How can I operate a business when I have no phone line, no line for charge cards and no internet order to check on new items?????????? Well she was cool, calm and collected and said Verizon was sorry! Believe me, I was not exactly cool, calm and collected!!!!!!!!! Although I did apologize for my loud voice and complemented her on her training that kept her cool, calm and collected and she giggled and thanked me.

Well, if you've been trying to get me, now you know why I haven't responded. I wasn't dead - just slightly out of touch with the rest of the world. I am Back!!!!!

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