Thursday, January 21, 2016

S N O W ! ! !

Yes, it's that time of year when the weather turns bad.  Guess we're lucky that it's mid January and we are going to get our first real storm.  Just Cross Stitch will be open today till 6 and Friday 10-4.  I'm not opening Saturday unless this storm completely misses us and I don't think that will happen, listening to all the forecasts.

This girl is a fair weather girl and I don't do ice or deep snow.  So if you're coming out to the shop on an 'iffy' day, please call first and make sure I'm here.  Don't call at exactly 10am, my scheduled opening time.  I may come in a little later after the heavier traffic is gone.

Well, hope you have all your supplies for your current project so you can stitch and watch that white stuff fall to the ground and pile up!  Ugh!!!

Stay warm and safe.

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