Friday, December 4, 2015


It's that time of the year when I need to remind you fellow stitchers that I am a 'fair weather' girl and the older I get the more so I get.  If the weather is a little iffy, please call ahead and see  if the shop is open or if I'm leaving early.

HOURS:  They are going to be different this year.  THE SHOP WILL BE CLOSED CHRISTMAS WEEK!  I will be open the next week and would like to invite you to participate in our Pre-Inventory Sale and Open Stitch.  So here are the days and hours spelled out:

Wednesday   December 23   Closed
  Thursday     December 24   Closed
   Friday         December 25   Closed
  Saturday     December 26   Closed

       Wednesday  December 30   10-4    SALE
       Thursday      December 31   10-2     SALE
                            Friday         January 1         12-4    SALE    and   OPEN STITCH
       Saturday     January 2         10-3    SALE
       Sunday       January 3         11-2    SALE

On January 1, I will be stitching at the shop.  My Mother always told me whatever I do on New Year's Day, I will do it all year long, so I'm not cleaning or working to organize things, I will be stitching, so stop by and bring your current project and stitch a while. If you are tired of football, stitch the afternoon away in good company and if you want to look around and take advantage of the Pre-Inventory Sale, that's up to you.

As far as the Pre-Inventory Sale goes, the  ENTIRE  shop will be on sale!  Everything will be discounted. Please buy it so I don't have to count it!!!  This  sale extends to those who follow my blog.  If you want something, call and if I have it, you can share in the sale prices and I can mail it to you.

I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!

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