Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss Me?

I know, it's been a while, but I've been busy pulling my hair out.  Computer just got too bad and I had to get another one.  It's so up to date, I had to learn a new operating system...ugh!!!  It's a good thing I asked how to turn it on and off and get to go where I needed to, cause I'd probably still be flogging kidding.

Then a day after the new computer, I tried to print something from the internet, and, you guessed it, my printer wouldn't print.  Then they told me that Dell doesn't support that printer anymore, so there were no updates to make it work with my new laptop.  So, off I go to buy a new printer.  And so on a Saturday morning, I'm installing the printer and the disc that came with it, wouldn't install it.  That meant I had to 'talk' with a tech, somewhere out there.  Got it working, made horrible colored copies.  Talked to Staples and the tech, there, said I had a faulty printer. So I exchanged my printer for a new one.  Came back, unwrapped it and tore off all those pieces of blue tape, again, plugged it in.....and it wouldn't print!
I assumed (and there was MY mistake) that I could swap printers without doing anything else.  Boy was I wrong.  Another phone call to a tech out there somewhere and 5 minutes later I had a working printer making very nice colored copies....YEA!

But, let's return to shop talk.....THE PRIMITIVE HARE IS HERE!  Her charts have arrived and she's very popular.

Very popular, is her Spooky Countdown.  A definite on my stitch list, but I don't know if I want to create individual 'pillows' or stitch it all on once piece....decisions, decisions, decisions.......

This may be familiar to some of you.  The Town of Halloween appeared 2 years ago in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween edition.  It was quite popular and I was glad to see she charted it.

Small Valentines is really cute and I really like the 'postcard''s different.

Old Salem Broom Co....what more can I say..... Another definite for my stitch list and I better live long enough to do my entire list.

Witch Hour - Witch Queen....very halloweeny.  Got a feeling going on here?  Isobel's very good at primitive Halloween designs.

Oh, a change of seasons.  She's done several for the Christmas holiday and The First Snowflake is so delicate.  Done on a 30 count fabric the finished size will be about 6.5x6.5.  But just imagine it finished and sitting on an easel on a tabletop or bookshelf with some greens around it....impressive.

The last part of Lizzie Kate's Holly and Hearts Mystery Sampler has arrived and I must go call the participants  in that stitch group.  Due out shortly, will be Frosty Forest from Country Cottage Needleworks.  Here's a pic of what it is going to look like...of course, vital parts are hidden so it will be a small mystery.

Well, that's all for right now.  Gotta get back to work.  Take care and keep stitching.

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