Thursday, December 27, 2012


Since I have reached my 'golden' years (don't know who decided they'd be golden, I think they're more like rusty years) I've decided I'd like to have a little fun on my days off.  Since most of the small businesses in the area that I like to shop at are closed on Mondays like I am, I've decided to close both Monday  and Tuesday --- starting Tuesday January 8, 2013.  I'm  not running around every Tuesday, but  I intend to go visit some of those shops and have luncheons with friends (then I don't have to cook dinner...yea).  I'll even get some more stitching hours.

Our hours will remain the same:  Wednesday and Friday 10-4, Thursday 10-6 , Saturday 10-3 and the first Sunday of the month, 11-2.

Mark this on your calendar!  Remember, we will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays starting Jan. 8, 2013.

Don't forget with this bad weather season looming, if the weather looks 'iffy', call and make sure I'm here.
I am a fair weather girl.  Don't want to fall  and mess up my knees....or other body parts.  Yesterday was a trip just getting across the parking lot to my car with the sleet that was coming down.  I'm not afraid of driving, but I am afraid of falling.

Stop in and check out the bargains in the store.  Lots of fabrics have been discounted and we have lots of small cuts for ornaments or slightly larger pics.  The entire shop is 20% off and special merchandise is deeply discounted until Sunday January 6, 2013.

Take care and have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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