Thursday, August 18, 2011


Diamonds Delight

from Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

ByGone Stitches does it again with Quaker Christmas II, featuring Songs of the Season

Jackie O Lantern from Amy Bruecken Designs. We also have a small one of hers called EEk with a witches hat and shoes. Sue Hillis has 2 charts Candy Corn Crazy 1 & 2. Really cute ornaments. Notice the candy corn fabric! It was ordered at market and should be here by Labor Day.

Chart number 3 will be out shortly and you can stitch a type of banner stating B O O using the candy corn shape and halloweeny ribbons.

Check out this cat coming out of the pumpkin for the holiday!

NeedleWork Press has their Book of Days - a beautiful calendar for 2012 with a couple of charts.

Blackbird Designs have done it again. 4 great charts.

Morning Star works up quickly and can be framed or put on top of a paper mache spice box, with 6 2" high round boxes inside to hold goodies. We hope to have those boxes in the shoppe shortly.

Casting a Spell is just beautiful. Placed in a glass covered wood box it is quite impressive. We should have these boxes shortly, too. Halloween Eve can become two pictures. Just stitch the top alone or even the pumpkin and crow can be done alone. Make two instead of just one. Or how about making 2 pillows for the holiday. The Raven Bewitched is cool. Think I may need to do this one.

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