Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey, Stitchers! It's been a while. I got behind trying to get ready to go to market and I'm just starting to dig myself out. I really feel behind the eight ball. But now that the weather's been so nice, I'm starting to feel better. I had no trouble with my trip to Nashville. Saw snow all the way till I was west of Knoxville. But the roads were all dry, with no snow near them. I didn't even hit any rain. Someone was looking out for me on my trip. Brought back some new fabrics and of course new charts and kits. Here are a desciption of a few.

CherryWood Design Studio has a nice chart - A Stitcher's Story, talking about the stitches we've learned, who taught them to us and the fact that we plan to teach them to others. Chessie and Me has a kit called Chessie's Fern, a scissor fob and a pincushion. They would make a cute pillow and could even be framed. Miss Chessie's Tuffet is a kitty scissor fob and a larger biscornu. Strawerry Banke is her new sampler. Keslyn's new pattern ow or on the side of your stitching bag - My Day Complete. A design done all in one varigated color, stating "I cannot count my day complete till needle thread and fabric meet". We've another design from her, Blush.

Island Cottage NeedleArts gives us Harvest Moon, a saltbox house under a crescent moon and a big black crow. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, done in black and red is a large sampler from Heartstring Samplery. Jenny Bean is still designing (Shakespeare's Peddler) and gives us the Humble Servant Sampler. We have a Gentle Art Thread Pack for this chart.

Jeannette Douglas has given us the Autumn and the Spring Biscornu Stackers. A set of 3 mini biscornus, stacked and tied together. They are really cute. Sue Hillis continues her line of pirates with Shiver Me Timbers - a pirate snowman chart and a post stitch chart - Burned to Perfection, which has a barbecue grill charm.

Lizzie Kate has come out with the ABC's of Aging Gracefully. She tells us we must Gather friends, Ignore convention, Mend fences, Spoil babies, Volunteer and many more - 26 in all.
She just let us know that the next 3 Green flip-its, a new Giggle boxer and Dog Lessons for People will be mailed on 3/31. The following auto will offer a 2010 Christmas Rules DoubleFlip series and the ABC's of Halloween. She is good at teasing us about what's coming.

Erica Michaels has a new chart Time & Seasons. We look through a 4 pane window to a scene outside with flowers, animals and a tree. However, each of the panes shows the scene in a different season. It's really cute and would look done on 28ct fabric.

Well gotta go. This program today is giving me a problem. First it won't save and I have to retype half of it and then it published the post before I wanted it to.

Oh My Technology!!!!!!!

Keep Stitching!

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