Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Homespun Elegance Where You Hang Your Needlework is finished and awaiting framing.
I've started Lizzie Kate's Halloween Double Flips and have the first 4 designs finished. I changed the fabric to 30 count R&R LaCrosse Blend, a Halloween green with dark overtones. It's currently hanging in the shoppe as a work in progress for all to see. I leave Wednesay for Nashville to attend a cash and carry market and am really excited. Weather is 'predicted' to warm up this week so it should be easy on the driving.

I'll get back to a new post after the 10th of February, when I should be back in the shoppe with lots of new charts and other goodies. I've seen some new designs the designers have tempted us with and some are really nice. Blue Ribbon, especially, has a couple really nice new charts coming out. Weeks Dye Works has 5 new floss colors coming - Baked Apple, Bullfrog, Stepping Stone, Peach Fuzz and Artichoke. They've also discontinued 15 existing colors. Gentle Arts will have new colors and Crescent has, I believe, 8 new floss colors and 13 new Belle Soie silk colors coming out.

The shoppe will be open while I attend market. But once again, if the weather is iffy, please call first to make sure we are open. And to all those who attended our 14th year 'Party' - Thanks!

Well, till next time - keep stitching! Carolyn

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