Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's finally December and I can't believe how much it has snowed this year.  Been a long while since it's been so cold and snowy in 'early' December.  Maybe this year we will have a white Christmas.  If we do, hope it won't interfere with everyone's plans.

Now's the time I need to tell everyone that I'm a fair-weather person.  I'm not so afraid of driving on the roads (it's the other guy I'm afraid of) but I am terrified of falling.  With my replaced knees, I need to be really careful.  So I err on the side of caution during bad weather.  IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE SHOP AND THE WEATHER IS QUESTIONABLE, PLEASE CALL AHEAD AND MAKE SURE I'M HERE!  215.513.9373.  

Concerning the last post about the Travel Guide.  I wanted to put up a pic of the front cover but when I went to scan it, I couldn't.  So over the weekend I was thinking and the light bulb went on (finally)!  Came in this AM and scanned the cover and here it is.  Limited number are available and would make a great Christmas present.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quick Ornaments and Have Book will Travel

Need a quick 'gift'?  Here's the perfect solution.....a sled ornament stitched on perforated paper.  Stitch the design, cut it out and attach to the sled and you are done!  Makes a great gift topper or even a nice hostess gift for the upcoming holidays.  Here's some patterns available for the sleds and we have everything you will need to complete them.


Will you be traveling this year?  Then you need the 2014 edition of the Needle Travel Fiber & Fabric Mania travel guide.  Just $9.95 will get you info to cross stitch shops along with  quilting, yarn, needlepoint, weaving and spinning shops across the United States.  Listed by state, you will see a state map with fiber shops listed.  Pick your city and state and go shopping.....